About Us

We are Nordical Travel

At Nordical Travel, we are crazy about Iceland and want to show you our island the way we like to explore it ourselves. We send you on authentic adventures in which we personally contribute with tips, and of course we only book our favorite service partners for you. Our team puts heart and soul into the planning, because we know how important your free time is.

crystal blue icebergs floating on jokulsarlon glacier lagoon iceland

With us, you can rest assured that we will design your vacation the way we would like to spend it ourselves.

The Nordical Story

The Nordical Travel brand emerged from our parent company Tripical Travel. Tripical has been organizing fantastic trips since 2015, sending Icelanders around the globe. With new destinations and a fresh approach to tourism, innovative group tours have emerged that have redefined the Icelandic standard.

Just like Tripical Travel, Nordical Travel organizes excursions for those who like to visit new places, learn about a different culture, try new food and experience a different environment. We really only have one goal: to make your trip an unforgettable adventure.

The Nordical Team

We are a dedicated bunch here in the Nordical Travel team. We adore Iceland, and we know it well, so we are pretty sure we know what we are talking about. Hailing from Iceland, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Scotland and China, we are a multi-national team of Iceland aficionados, who have all fallen for Iceland’s many charms. We know exactly how to make your trip unforgettable and we cannot wait to show you around. So, don’t hold back! Get in touch with any of us now and let’s talk about the greatest adventure you never had.

Viktor Hagalín

Managing Director
Chair of Fun Committee viktor@nordical.com

Rebecca Schnobl

Chief Operating Officer

Coralie Campello

French Market

Daria Podenok


Donna Tzaneva


Elías Xu

Chinese Market

Tony Wang

Graphic Design


Chief Adorable Officer

We are so much more than just a travel agent, we are an adventure broker.

Of course, we have all the necessary certificates to give you the security you need when traveling. We are authorized as a travel agency by the Icelandic Tourist Board, which also means that we are required to have an adequate bankruptcy guarantee. Further information is available here.

We are a licensed Icelandic travel agency

Member of Icelandic Tourism Association

The Nordical Travel Values


We know your time away is precious, and you want to make sure it is nothing short of perfect! That’s why you need a partner in Iceland who always has your back.  

You know that will be there for you if you hit any bumps along the road.

We promise always total transparency. No hidden fees or charges. We also don’t cut corners and will never jeopardize your health or safety.


We are 100% committed to ensuring you have the best time possible. How do we do that?  

We always ensure that you have everything you need when you need it. We will always be there when you are looking for a little extra guidance or tips (there is no such thing as a silly question).

We are Iceland specialists, so if we can help you, we will. That’s a promise. 


We love what we do and knowing that you are having the time of your life is our rocket fuel.  

No matter if you are traveling alone, or in a small group, we do our best to encourage connections with like-minded voyagers and handpick the best kind of accommodations and shared trips that will, hopefully, establish new friendships and bonds. It’s all about joy, and we are 100% here for it!