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Environmental Policy

At Nordical Travel, we want our clients to enjoy Iceland as much as we do! Our operations and activities are based around the country’s nature; therefore it is essential that we effectively learn to coexist in harmony and mutual respect. We are determined to contribute to the protection of Iceland’s environment, minimise the negative environmental impact from our daily operations and continue to raise ecological awareness both with our staff members and clients. 

We strive to accomplish our mission by establishing small yet realistic goals that are regularly reviewed and updated:

  • We strongly believe in preserving the present to be able to enjoy it in the future. Whatever we bring out of the vehicles, we bring back in. We leave no trace behind and only take back memories.
  • We improve our efficiency and eco-performance by carefully planning our daily operations and travel routes, thus reducing our carbon footprint.
  • We comply with all applicable Icelandic Health, Safety, and Environmental legislation.
  • We do our best to choose contractors who share our commitment to ethical practices and environmental sustainability.
  • We honour no-fly drone zones. These zones are there to protect the fauna and flora and if not respected could potentially have disastrous effects on Iceland’s ecosystem.
  • We print smarter and recycle efficiently. All our products on offer are digitalized, minimising unnecessary paper wastage.

We’re new, we’re not perfect, but we mean well. If you have any additional input or ideas on improving our policy or adding to it, please don’t hesitate to contact us before, during, or after your trip with us. We’d be more than happy to work together in making the Earth a more sustainable, better place for all.