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The eruption of Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland

Fagradalsfjall Pronunciation – How to Say Iceland’s New Volcano Name

Well, it finally happened. The event that all of Iceland was waiting for has arrived. The latest eruption in Iceland, and the country’s newest attraction, has burst onto the scene. Quite literally. A volcano that has been dormant for over 6,000 years has finally erupted and tonnes of molten rock have been ejected from the volcano since the eruption that began around 20:30 on Friday, March 19th. This marks Iceland’s first eruption since Holuhraun in August 2014. On average, there is an eruption in Iceland every five years or so, so whilst this one is a little later than predicted, it is more or less on-trend.

But before we dive into that tricky pronunciation, let’s find out a little more about this latest volcano!

The impressive volcano Fagradalsfjall blowing lava

Where is Fagradalsfjall?

The eruption occurred at mount Fagradalsfjall, in Geldingardalur, on the Reykjanes peninsula. This is an area of Iceland that has no less than five volcanic systems, and one of those systems is called Krýsuvík, which has been inactive for over 800 years. A huge portion of the Reykjanes peninsula is already covered in lava fields, and it is the most volcanically active area in the country. What makes this particular eruption unique is that it is the most accessible eruption site in recent times. Previously, it was possible to get close to the eruption sites in Holuhraun, Fimmvörðuháls, and Eyjafjallajökull, but only by modified super jeeps or helicopter. This time, you can make your way there on foot on a relatively short hike.

Is There a Fagradalsfjall Map?

The path to the eruption site constantly evolves, and currently, there are multiple hiking routes that lead to different viewing spots. If you follow this link you will see an overview and a Fagradalsfjall map.

Are You Offering Tours to the Volcano?

Funny you should ask, but we are offering a private day tour to not only Fagradalsfjall but also the very famous Blue Lagoon! What better way to top off your adventure than a dip in these rejuvenating waters!

What we can say is that those interested in this tour should be physically fit and prepared for a hike. The path is rocky, with lots of loose stones and boulders, so you need good shoes. Also, remember to dress well and bring water and snacks with you. We will always monitor the weather, and we will never take you there unless it is safe to do so. 

Fagradalsfjall volcano craters blowing hot lava

How Can I See the Latest Eruption in Iceland Right Now?

Here is a live feed from the very site. Hopefully, this will tide you over until you can come and see it for yourself. You can also check out our blog for a little history on some of Iceland’s eruptions from the past.

The Pronunciation

As always, this is another of Iceland’s volcanoes that is not the easiest to pronounce. So, what is the correct Fagradalsfjall pronunciation?

That’s easy: “fug – ra – dals – fy utl”

See? We knew you could do it!


Fagradalsfjall literally means “Beautiful valley mountain”. A common theme in very long Icelandic names is that they are usually just multiple adjectives strung together. Also, those peculiar Icelandic letters are actually much easier to pronounce once you know how to make the sound. For example:

Æ/æ – This is just ‘a’ and ‘e’ but put together they make the sound ‘eye’ 

Þ/þ – This is pronounced using a hard ‘th’ sound

Ð/ð – This is pronounced using a softer ‘th’ sound 

Ö/ö – This is a little trickier to get the pronunciation right, but it is a little like the ‘i’ or the ‘o’ in ‘bird’ or ‘word’ you make sure you form an ‘o’ shape with your mouth whilst saying it

Ú/ú – Is simply ‘oo’ but with the tongue at the back 

Á/á – Is like saying “Oww!” as if you hurt yourself

Í/í – This is simply and ‘ee’ sound 

É/é – Is a little like saying a soft ‘ee-yeah’  

Ý/ý – Is simply an ‘ee’ sound


Fagradalsfjall Pronunciation Mastered? Try These… 

If you are pretty confident you have your Fagradalsfjall pronunciation down, and you think you have a handle on these Iceland letters, try these. Starting with the most famous of all Icelandic words that is hard to pronounce: 

Eyjafjallajökull – (ey-ya-fyat-la-yoo-ku-tl): Island Mountain Glacier 

Öræfajökull – (u-riy-va-yoo-ku-tl): Wasteland Glacier 

Snæfellsjökull – (sn-eye-fells-yoo-ku-tl): Snow Mountain Glacier 

Þríhnúkagígur – (three-nook-a-gee-goor): Three Peaks Crater


See? Icelandic is easy, isn’t it?

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