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Hiver (Oct - Apr.)

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Cette aventure hivernale de 5 jours, en groupe, te fera découvrir certains des sites les plus incroyables du sud de l’Islande. En séjournant dans la ville de Reykjavík et en passant deux nuits dans la campagne islandaise, tu vivras la magie hivernale de l’île et, avec un peu de chance, observeras des spectaculaires aurores boréales.


Cet incroyable voyage hivernal a tout pour plaire : geysers en éruption, cascades tumultueuses, glaciers et volcans, sans oublier les plages de sable noir. L’hiver est, bien sûr, la meilleure période pour voir les aurores boréales, et ce voyage en campagne te donnera de nombreuses chances d’en apercevoir !


Tu pourras te détendre, sans te soucier de l’organisation. Nous nous occupons de tout. Tu seras également pris en charge par notre guide local, expert et passionné, qui pourra même t’indiquer les meilleurs moments pour apercevoir les aurores. Tu peux aussi, facilement et à tout moment, inclure des activités supplémentaires dans ton itinéraire.


Il s’agit de l’expérience hivernale ultime pour les groupes de 20 personnes ou plus.


5-Day Iceland Group Tour | Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon - nordical travel

Inclus :


Day 1

A découvrir :

Capital Reykjavík

Détails :

Accommodation: Reykjavík (e.g. Skuggi Hotel)

Optional Activities: Blue Lagoon, Sky Lagoon, FlyOver Iceland, Northern Lights Tour

sun voyager reykjavik iceland

Welcome to Iceland! You will be greeted at Arrivals by your local, expert guide, and then head through the lava fields of the Reykjanes peninsula to the city of Reykjavík. After checking in at your downtown hotel, you will head off on a fun and easy walking tour of Reykjavík, exploring its streets and learning about its history.


After that, you will then be able to explore the city by yourself. With many museums, bars, restaurants, cafés, and famous landmarks, it is impossible to get bored. You can even take a Northern Lights tour in the evening.

Day 2

A découvrir :

Þingvellir National Park
Geysir & Strokkur
Gullfoss Waterfall

Détails :

Accommodation: Golden Circle (e.g. Fosshotel Hekla)

Optional Activities: Laugarvatn Fontana

oxararfoss iceland

Your first adventure begins today. You will enjoy a buffet breakfast at the hotel, and then you will board the bus and head out to the most popular of Iceland’s day routes. It consists of three unique places, beginning with the national park of Þingvellir. This is one of Iceland’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a very important place both politically and geologically. After a chance to explore the park and walk between the tectonic plates, you will then stop for a fresh and delicious local lunch and a special geothermal greenhouse.


The next location is perhaps one of the most iconic places in Iceland, the geothermal area of Geysir. Strokkur is the most active geyser in Europe, erupting once somewhere between every 5-8 minutes. The area itself is surrounded by geysers, but almost all of them remain dormant (for now). Finally, you will visit the special waterfall Gullfoss. This is arguably the most famous waterfall in the country, and in a country with so many waterfalls, that is saying something. Here, raging currents cascade over two platforms before disappearing into the canyon below.


Your accommodation for the evening will be a cozy, country hotel. This is an opportunity to relax and enjoy the winter atmosphere in the countryside. Remember to keep your eyes fixed towards the heavens in case the Northern Lights appear. The hotel offers a wake-up call if the lights appear whilst you are asleep – now that’s a wake-up call you wouldn’t mind getting!

Day 3

A découvrir :

Seljalandsfoss & Skógafoss Waterfalls
Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
Vík Village

Détails :

Accommodation: Vatnajökull (e.g. Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon)

Optional Activities: Glacier Hiking

vik the southernmost village of iceland in winter

The South Coast of Iceland is absolutely stunning. Full of drama and power, and in the winter months it takes on a whole new character. Seljalandsfoss is one of the waterfalls in South Iceland, and it features a cave where you can wander behind the waterfall itself. Skógafoss is the second waterfall in the South, set in a beautiful canyon, with the birds who nest on the cliffs circling above your head.


The South Coast is also where you will see, in the distance, the volcano of Eyjafjallajökull. This volcano famously erupted in 2010 and caused chaos around the world as it stopped all air traffic. Not far from here is the glacier of Sólheimajökull, a rapidly shrinking glacier and one that is on the endangered list in Iceland because of climate change. Close to the village of Vík you will find the famous black, volcanic beach. This soft, black sand is made by the gradual erosion of lava by the ocean over time. You will stop at the beach of Reynisfjaravery dramatic and beautiful location where the Atlantic Ocean meets basalt sea stacks.


You will spend the night in another country hotel, and have another chance to see the Northern Lights. 

Day 4

A découvrir :

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon
Diamond Beach

Détails :

Accommodation: Reykjavík (e.g. Skuggi Hotel)

Optional Activities: Ice Caving

diamond beach in iceland

After a buffet breakfast, you will make your way towards Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland’s second UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is where you will find Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, an incredible place where icebergs break away from the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull, and gradually float out to sea. In the winter months, the lagoon is mostly frozen over, but it nevertheless makes for an impressive sight.


There is also a beach close to here where these same icebergs are broken down by the currents of the Atlantic Ocean, and they lay scattered over the black beach, giving the name to this place: Diamond Beach.


From here, it will be time to return to the city, where you will have a little time to yourself in the evening, and we will look for the Northern Lights on the way back.

Day 5

A découvrir :

Capital Reykjavík

Détails :

Optional Activities: Blue Lagoon, Sky Lagoon, FlyOver Iceland

people bathing in blue lagoon iceland

It is finally time to head home, but fear not, you can use any last few hours you have to take a last stroll around the city, get any last-minute souvenirs, etc.


However, it might even be possible to pay a visit to the world-famous Blue Lagoon, as this is only a 20-minute drive from the airport. Whatever you do on your last day, we have no doubts that you will have enjoyed every moment of your trip, and we cannot wait to see you again.

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