Iceland lifting all travel restrictions

Iceland Lifting All Travel Restrictions

Iceland’s minister of health, Willum Þór Þorsson, announced at a press conference held last night that both internal, as well as border restriction measures related to COVID-19, will be entirely removed at midnight Friday 25th. Passengers will be pleased to know that the lifting of border restrictions will be for those coming from both EEA and third-world countries.

The abolishment of COVID-19 restrictions in Iceland comes as no surprise, since 78% of the population, or 289.000 people aged five or older, have received a full vaccination status. Booster shots are also well underway, with nearly two-thirds of the population having already received them.

What are the current restrictions?

Currently, facemasks are only required where the 1-meter rule cannot be observed. Sports facilities, as well as cafés and restaurants, are allowed to operate at full capacity, and venues with an alcohol license are allowed to remain open until 01.00 am.

The limit of indoor event attendees has also been increased from 50 to 200 whereas larger events will be able to cater to up to 1000 attendees provided they are all seated and masked.

Quarantine is abolished and those already in quarantine do not need to be tested anymore in order to be released. Those who have, or think they might have been exposed to an active infection are no longer required by law to register it.

PCR-tests will not be performed in case an active infection is suspected however, antigen tests will still be readily available.

Iceland lifting All Travel Restrictions

What will change in the upcoming days?

Iceland’s borders will become open to both those coming from EEA and non-EEA countries. Passengers will not need to present a valid PCR-test or Antigen test upon arrival to Iceland, regardless of whether they’re vaccinated or not. More details to follow in the next few days.

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