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Private Tours

Do you want to discover Iceland in a more personal way, without any crowds around to take away the magic? Be on your own in nature, just you, yourself, and your chosen travel partners? We at Nordical Iceland can make this happen!

If a more exclusive experience with your own, knowledgeable, private guide is what you are looking for, we can take care of it. No matter how much time you have for your Iceland private tour, there is plenty to see and do. One of the many benefits of a private tour is that your guide will only focus on you and your companions, so the experience is much more personal. You will also have more time at each location since there is no one else that you need to wait for.

The itinerary can be customised to your needs, and, unless there are pre-planned activities involved, your guide can also be very flexible during the actual tour. You wondered if you could stop at this place you just read about yesterday? Wanted to have a meet and greet with Icelandic horses? No problem on an Iceland private tour. You can ask all the questions you might have and will probably be led to off-the-beaten-path attractions, which the big groups will miss!

A private tour guide can be with you from your arrival until your departure if you wish. You can also start out with some time on your own to discover the capital, and then opt for a professional guide to show you around in the countryside. The price of an Iceland private tour will naturally be higher, considering the fact that the only participants will be you, your friends, and family – as compared to a tour where you are travelling with strangers.

So, are you ready for a more exclusive adventure? We would love to hear from you.

Tailor Your Trip with Nordical Iceland

We would love to help you arrange your private tour in Iceland!