Volcano Tour in Iceland

New Volcano Eruption in Iceland

You probably heard about the newest volcanic eruption in Iceland that has started in August. The new volcano site is located close to the last year’s eruption at the mountain Fagradasfjall on Reykjanes Peninsula. It is believed that this eruption will be a few times bigger and last longer than last year’s one. Read on more about the Meradalir new volcano in Iceland. 

Volcano eruption in Iceland

What happened?

In July the area close to the Reykjanes Peninsula and even Reykjavik experienced numerous earthquakes. It was similar circumstances to the last year pre-eruption time. So, on August 3rd the volcano finally erupted. Right away live streaming from the eruption site was organized and safety brigades gathered. Along with them bloggers and volcano fans hiked to the site to be the first to share stunning photographs and videos. 

How is it going?

At this moment, the volcano area is closed due to the weather conditions. The lava is spilling into the Meradalir valley, risk to populated areas and critical infrastructure considered low. There is no disruptions to international aviation as the volcano is located close to the International Keflavik airport. Volcanic activity follows considerable seismic activity over the past few days and the fissure is close to the site of an eruption of a similar type last year. 

How to get to the volcano safe?

It is always safer to go with a trained guide, so we suggest you check out our Volcano tour first. If you plan to travel yourself, here are some important details and recommendations. 

The exact location of the fissure is in Meradalir about 1.5 km north of Mt. Stóri-Hrútur. The area is in southwest Iceland, about 15 km from Keflavik International Airport and about 25 km from the Reykjavík metropolitan area. The hike is 14km to the volcano and back, it is reasonably difficult as there are steep areas and stones slides. For anyone planning to visit the new volcano we strictly advice to check safetravel.is first, it is important to follow safety advices from authorities. Detailed map on the hiking paths and parking in the area could be found here.

We recommend having hiking poles with you, it is definitely helpful. Don´t forget to take enough water and snacks, as the route can take up to 4 hours (both ways). Please evaluate your physical ability to walk that far and don´t bring pets or small children to the hike – it is not safe.  

We hope that this volcano eruption is here to stay, so everyone will have a chance to visit this one in a lifetime experience! 

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