How to Plan a Successful MICE Trip a Concise Guide

If you haven’t heard this acronym before, MICE, does not refer to that pesky rodent, but rather it means: “Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions”. Just as you may have already realized it involves organizing business, events, conferences, and award ceremonies for employees, however many companies choose to blend these with leisure to create a more unique and unforgettable experience.

This guide will help you understand some of the important factors to keep in mind when organizing a MICE trip.

group women planning mice trip

1- Define Your Objectives

Understand the purpose of your trip. Is it for team building, a conference, knowledge exchange, employee motivation, or a reward for top performers? Clear objectives help in tailoring the perfect itinerary.

mice trip conference meeting

2- Choose the Right Venue

When choosing a venue there are some main factors you need to consider such as availability, location and accessibility, capacity of the facilities, catering options, the ambiance and of course the cost. Reykjavik for example, despite being as small city, offers a range of options from intimate meeting rooms to large convention centers and even ecofriendly facilities surrounded by an invigorating environment.

harpa building iceland conference venue

3-  Consider Accommodations

It’s recommended to choose hotels that cater to business travelers, offering amenities like high-speed internet, meeting spaces, and convenient access to event venues.

downtown reykjavik iceland

4- Incorporate Local Experiences

If you have already settled for a location, like for example Reykjavik, you want the participants to feel why this chosen place is special. Enhance your itinerary with unique Icelandic experiences such as a visit to the Blue Lagoon, a tour of the Golden Circle, or a Northern Lights excursion.

Blue Lagoon

5- Plan for Logistics

Coordinate transportation, from airport transfers to getting around the city. A feeling of punctuality and coordination will have a positive effect on the participants and will show the professionality of the organizers. At Nordical Iceland we partner with reliable transportation companies to ensure that moving from one place to another feels like breathing.

airport transfer services iceland

6- Catering and Dining

Iceland’s culinary scene is vibrant. Include traditional Icelandic cuisine in your menu to give attendees a taste of local culture. However, be mindful of the dietary restrictions of the participants beforehand; whether it is vegetarianism, kosher, or allergies so this is accounted for by the catering company.

iceland restaurants suring mice trip

7- Tech and Equipment Needs

Ensure your chosen venue can support your technical requirements, whether it’s for a simple presentation or a full-scale international conference.

audio equipement setup

8- Communication Strategy

When it comes to the weather in Iceland it can be quite unpredictable. It’s advisable to advise your group members to pack layers of clothing along with attire and sturdy footwear— for a winter trip. Even if the day starts with good weather it’s always wise to have some layers on hand in case of sudden heavy rain or strong winds. Keeping an eye on the weather forecast is also highly recommended to avoid any surprises during activities.

communication for mice trips

9- Emergency Planning

Even with good preparation, something could go wrong at the last minute, that’s why it’s important to always have a contingency plan. For example, you may decide to include in your budget a contingency fund to cover any unexpected expense that may arise at the last moment.

financial contingecy plan

10- Post-Event Activities

Don’t forget to relax and unwind. Post-event tours or activities can be a great way to conclude your successful MICE trip and make it unforgettable.

relaxing at a restaurant

11- Choosing the Right Agency for your MICE trip

Having a local agency with experience can make a huge difference as this will affect your budget, the locations, communication, and overall smoothness of the planning and execution experience.

To resume you can see that planning a MICE trip requires you to pay attention to many different factors such as the availability of facilities, accommodation, transportation, catering, equipment, and post-event activities. Ideally, you would want to work with a local agency with experience for the smoothest experience.

At Nordical Iceland we can help you organize a MICE trip in Iceland that aligns with the core values and principles of your company. If you are interested, get in touch with us.

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