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Vestahorn mountain on Stokksnes

The Majestic Stokksnes Peninsula

With so much to see in so little time, Iceland’s distant natural wonders oftentimes go unexplored. Add to that a few thousand tourists scattered throughout the island, and the decision on what to see and what to skip becomes quite a hefty one. There’s one region in the south-eastern part of the country that is particularly worth the long drive. Named as a photographers’ paradise, Stokksnes peninsula offers its visitors year in year out otherworldly moody landscapes, combining Iceland’s finest backdrops with quite literally a picture-perfect setting.

Sunrise at Stokksnes Peninsula and Vestahorn mountain in the distance.

Black sand beaches that fade into the horizon, intertwined with towering dramatic mountain peaks and powerful waves restlessly crashing into the cliffs nearby, are only a fraction of what this area has to offer.

The darkly colored mountain seemingly rising from the black beach is Vestrahorn, nicknamed ‘Batman Mountain’. Early mornings and late nights bring in that perfectly eerie low fog that adds to the already peculiar landscape. No surprise why it’s one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland!

Its hypnotic effects never fail to go unnoticed as, for a minute or two, you’re transported into a different parallel universe, filled with flabbergasting sights right in front of your very own eyes.

Getting to Stokksnes

Although quite the journey from Reykjavík, Stokksnes headland is a relatively short drive from the town Höfn. Google Maps doesn’t show the exact location however, with a bit of patience and research you’re bound to find it, one way or the other!

From Reykjavík, follow Route 1 (or the so-called Ring Road) Southbound all the way up across the south coast and Jökulsárlón glacier. Continue driving east past Höfn until you reach a dirt road, that heads south towards Stokksnes radar station. A few more hundred meters separate you from the highly popular Viking café. From there, Vestrahorn mountain will be already visible!

Reflection of Vestahorn mountain in the ocean's water at sunset.

Be aware that the drive from Reykjavik until this region is a good 450+ km one way, therefore it might be a good idea to stop somewhere along the South Coast on your way here to be able to fully enjoy the views without having to rush back!

The Viking Village

Stokksnes and Vestrahorn not only offer bespoke natural backdrops, but also cultural and heritage insights. The Viking village built in 2010 and set at the foot of Vestrahorn Mountain is a replica of an authentic village.

Constructed once for a movie set that never took place, in 2018 it finally accomplished its role, being a film set for the Icelandic movie Viking based on Icelandic Sagas and Viking tails.

The Viking Village at Stokksnes Peninsula.

It comes as no surprise that they chose Vestrahorn as a movie location. In the 9th century, this region was one of the first country’s settlements and played an important role in WWII.

Nowadays, for a small fee, Viking Village welcomes visitors on its premises, allowing them to have an authentic and noteworthy experience.

Enjoy the splendid Stokksnes Peninsula by booking a Road Trip with us!

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