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The Secret Kvernufoss Waterfall

The southern part of Iceland is irresistibly appealing with its hidden and unexpected natural gems. Kvernufoss waterfall is one of these wonderful representatives. It is positioned in a southerly direction from the capital close to the famous Skógafoss waterfall. Once you have visited Skógafoss waterfall, don’t miss the parking lot about 2 km away to be able to enjoy the beautiful smaller but equally impressive Kvernufoss waterfall.  


 How to find Kvernufoss waterfall 

You’ll find the waterfall after about a 2-hour drive from Reykjavík southwards on the Ring Road. Follow the signs for Skógasafn Museum, behind which you’ll start your quick journey towards the waterfall – the trail is a few hundred meters behind the museum in a north-westerly direction, located on private property. It is possible to climb all the way up to the waterfall, should you desire to do so.  The path will lead you all the way through the magnificent Kvernugil gorge and along the very pleasant Kverna or Kvernuhólsá river. Most of this trip is easy, although caution is required in a few places as you climb the rocks as you might slip.  

Kvernufoss waterfall

What to expect? 

 With its 30m high water cascade, it impresses especially for its exceptional location: half-visible secretly tucked away in a gorge, but still relatively easily found even though it often remains hidden to the curious tourist eye. Kvernufoss waterfall itself can be easily missed if you do not stand directly on the river and look right into the gorge. However, if you are watchful, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view. In summer it is possible to walk behind the falls and from there not only the view but also the sense of the scale of the natural element, are exceptional; it is there that you get a unique perspective of its power. The picture is also impressive in winter, but the conditions can be harsher – ice wind, and many icicles that can fall on you from above. 

Besides its secretive location, Kvernufoss waterfall is starting to establish itself as a gratifying and preferred place to visit for locals and tourists alike. But what makes it a must-visit is the opportunity of enjoying the waterfall and the views it offers from a different perspective, by walking behind it.  

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