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Why Choose Iceland for Your MICE Trip?

Iceland does not only offer a blend of stunning natural landscapes and a forward-thinking culture, but also cutting-edge facilities and eco-friendly hotels and venues making it an unparalleled setting for MICE activities

reykjavik with esjan mountain on the backdrop

1- Geographical Location

Iceland is located midway between North America and Europe and it’s easily accessible due to the numerous direct flights available to Reykjavik, making it an ideal meeting point for international delegates and businesspeople to meet at.

iceland gographical location map

2- State of the Art Facilities

Reykjavik, the capital city, boasts the iconic concert hall Harpa, inaugurated in 2011, which also serves as a conference. Other great facilities for venues, conferences, and business meetings include Hotel Grand and Reykjavik Centrum which can accommodate many participants.

harpa building iceland conference venue

3- Unique Team-Building Activities

From glacier hiking to whale watching, Iceland offers a range of exciting activities that foster team bonding and leadership skills. If your MICE trip is oriented towards team building through sports competitions, orienteering races or other activities in which teams must work together to achieve common goals, there is plenty to choose from in Iceland.

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4- Sustainable Practices

If sustainability is a core principle in your company you may be pleased to know that Iceland is a leader in sustainability, offering eco-friendly venues and practices, aligning with the corporate social responsibility goals of many organizations. Places like Deplar Farm, nestled amidst the rugged beauty of Iceland’s Fljót Valley and Troll Peninsula Mountains, feature an eco-friendly hotel fully equipped conference room to make your MICE trip an unforgettable experience.

geothermal power plant iceland

5- Breathtaking Scenery

From the Northern Lights to geothermal hot springs, Iceland’s natural wonders provide a majestic backdrop for any event, inspiring creativity, and awe among attendees.

breathtaking scenary landscape iceland

At Nordical Iceland we can help your company organize a dynamic MICE trip that aligns with your company’s values and core principles. Send us a request and we will get back to you. Get in touch! 

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